Progressive Youth of LUMHS Online Forum

"We Swear To Serve Humanity"





Progressive Youth of LUMHS 
is a student forum that works on public health issues, academic causes, and social issues/causes.

Its a social group that aims to gather all the progressive minds with their progressive visions.

Progressive Youth of LUMHS; a student union/forum at Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro, founded by intellectual students of LUMHS. It works on self and social awareness, and to upgrade health, education and raise awareness for social issues. We believe academic education is not enough for pursuing the real milestones in life, along with that we should find the treasures of knowledge which develops social aspects of life as well. Learning through experiences is more joyous and triumphant than rota-learning. We have stepped forward to bring a change, to play our part. And we expect that you will also play your part greatly.

Our Motives:

• To provoke awareness about basic health care measures in rural areas.

• To promote sense of self safety measures in rural areas.

• To organize awareness campaigns for the awareness of communities about most recent epidemics and self prevention.

• To promote quality education in education community

• To promote child and women education

• Work to stop child labor

• Work to stop gender discrimination

• Comforting poor

Our Mission:
To establish a moderate, literate, liberal, and healthy society.


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